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Stocker Italia

The Company

STOCKER ITALIA S.r.l is a company operating in the clothing sector. We buy and sell garments and accessories (shoes, bags, lingerie, etc.), only dealing in leftover stock and bulk purchases. The goods we trade in are 90% Italian in origin. Articles can be sold either individually or in bulk, according to the needs of the client.

Our prices are guaranteed to be amongst the best on the market, varying according to the quantity of items purchased. The goods are permanently on show in our warehouse, which can be visited by appointment at any time.

We have collaborated over many years with some of the top companies in the sector, collecting their remaindered or excess stock from all over Italy. We also buy up stock from closing or bankrupt businesses, designer and non-designer goods, and sample items.

We export to all parts of the world on request, and organize promotional sales. We offer a turnkey service when supplying shops.
We will always be pleased to welcome you to our warehouse!